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I have had a blog for a year now, and I have made 44 posts. Could be better, but I'm pleased with what I've put out there. Except… I spend a lot of my time “on the Internet” pointlessly browsing AND HAVE NEVER MANAGED TO POST THE LINKS I READ…


I need to reassess the way I blog. I think I need to consider posting every week, and when I have nothing creative or personal to say I could share what I'm reading – those people or articles that have struck my fancy enough to bookmark them. Does it matter if no one reads/follows them because of me…?


Last year, Scientist Guy and I had a lovely and enlightening (and slightly scary) chat about what I wanted to do with my life and I said – I love to make things, wouldn't it be nice if I did something with/about that… And he said – get a blog and make a name for yourself…


Well, I got the blog and haven't treated it as well as it deserves; but I feel like I have a better idea of how to do that this year and unfortunately it comes back to my long-standing nemesis… time management.


So (if you want to think of it this way) I have a resolution for my blog 2013 – make lists and make the time, to post : whether it is an active article about me or a passive one about someone else.



inspired by Soule Mama



a single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week


Right now, I am…



:: listening to the beautiful sound of rain.


:: loving making cookies with leftover porridge – and seeing as Monkey Boy has it for breakfast every day, we have a guaranteed supply : )


:: watching my trees in the garden blossom.


:: waiting for them to fruit – impatiently!!


:: dreaming up far too many creative projects and not finding the time to make them.


:: enjoying good coffee.


:: giggling as I help a toddler through potty training (with an occasional sigh…)


:: thinking about words and writing and going away for a week to do nothing but think about words and writing : D


:: feeling excited about a night out with The Girls to celebrate an upcoming wedding.




On January 1st I chose an address for the blog I’ve been thinking about launching for 4 years.

On January 7th I wrote a draft of my first post.

On January 10th I still hadn’t finished the project I intended to launch my blog with.

(it didn’t occur to me that I could do one without the other – honesty can be a disadvantage…)

On January 16th I wondered if I should choose a different project to launch my blog with before I missed the January/New Year/new things opportunity.

But today, January 19th, that’s all changed – because Apple Computing launched a book publishing tool.

For free.

So now I am (hastily but) happily launching my blog – because I’ve had, in a not-forgotten but long-untouched boxfile, half a novel waiting to be finished – and the lure of free publishing is an amazing motivator.

So I’m going to write here, in my little corner of the web; of things I make, and things I write; and hopefully one day (soon!) you’ll be reading about the science fiction story I published.