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Hello, friends… it's been a long time…


I promise, I was honestly trying to go digital… I was honestly trying to do Project Life from a (computer) screen…


It didn't work out – for me.


It transpires, that my memory keeping is focused on the physical bits and bobs that life collects – the ticket stubs and flyers, the food wrappers and postal mail that accumulates. And when it's written down in black text, it does seem a little odd to be keeping what Scientist Guy would refer to as “rubbish”, but… for me, keeping a memory record of my life, centres around these little bits, these proof of daily events.


Some of them, I keep for design ideas; for colour schemes; for comedy thoughts… Some of them, directly represent the event or memory I wish to record.


All of this means that to make my memory record digital, even though I know I could take a photo of the ephemera; I felt it lost the spirit, the meat, the essence of my memories.


A very nice lady in America designed and produces an amazing pocket system for memory keeping. Called Project Life, the core products are a 12 x 12″ binder and a packet of pocket pages. Then one can go to town, customising their own collection of pockets and extras.


I've been using this system this for 3 years now, and 2013 is the first year I feel like I've not got behind – because I made a real effort from the very first week, and thus a good habit was born, a habit that feels natural, a habit that is easy to maintain…


So, while I can see that someone else may get along with something like Evernote for the iPad as their memory keeping system, it didn't work for me.


However, due to impending Baby Girl, I have packed up my beloved (and often abused) home studio. I now have a shoebox from which to maintain my Project Life – but as that (for me) involves printing out photographs and tucking detritus into pockets, I can't see that I'm going to have a problem for the rest of this year!!


Good luck with your own digital adventures : )






For a moment, I'm bored and browsing my Internet bookmarks when I find an article whose title and idea I find appealing – towards my never-ending quest to post my blog more often.


However, it quickly becomes apparent, that I don't read books at the moment.


Magazines, and blogs and too much spam on the web; sure, my quota is filled daily, let alone week by week…


So should I start reading better sources, or should I read less all together and try to DO MORE??

(bearing in mind the impending time-suck that is baby number 2!!)


I've been having a play with Paper by Bamboo as a potential digital home for my Project Life and I thought I'd found a cushy nest. But… while I can drop images into a page and write on it with my fancy (Christmas present!) stylus, I cannot add normal text to that page.


So, this week, I'm trying something else – Evernote for the iPad.


It's a whole heap better suited to my needs than Bamboo but it was still missing something.


Until I came across a new app (via Ali Edwards) that puts text on top of photos – from your phone!! No more struggling with layers?


(I have “Physical” by Olivia Newton John stuck in my head…!)



Scientist Guy asked me if I could turn my crafting digital this year, so that we could pack up my studio – for the new baby to have somewhere to sleep and somewhere to keep all her things AKA a nursery.


My first thought was “Waaaah!! I don't wanna…!” and my second thought was “Can I keep some stuff out because I'm not sure I can do this…”


But I had a week of thinking about it and announced on Saturday morning that I would do it. Not try, but actually commit, despite embarking on Project Life for a third year. I learnt a lot from two unfinished years of 365 scrapbooking and had big plans to do a proper job in 2013 – so making the switch is a big deal; and not just because I am new to digital crafting… For me, memory keeping is about the bits and pieces of memorabilia, as well as the pictures and stories that go into a week's record.


I've been using the Project Life system of pockets that Becky Higgins designed. Even though my first two years could be termed 'unsuccessful' because the binders are mostly empty, the photos are still on my computer and the memorabilia is in a bag waiting to go in to aforementioned pockets; but I made the effort to take the photos and write down the stories and collect the bits and pieces. And I learnt how I need to do Project Life in the future, to get those pages finished and everything in a secure place.


So deciding to go digital will be a crazy roller coaster of frustration and education, but I will have a record at the end of the year.


And… I will be telling the stories of my learning and progress as I go.


I discovered my first hurdle tonight… while mocking up a post for this week (7/52) as a first foray into it all. I had assumed that I could dump my photos and stories into my blog, so that I could share my project. I started with a story from today and made a huge realisation… I tell personal stories in my week pages, stories I don't want the world to read. Sure, I want to share a photo of my week spread but no-one can read the stories (unless I enable the zoom feature) and I can blur anything that I want to keep extra private.


So then I thought, “Well I can make the post private, creating a record for myself” but then no-one else can see it… This is still a problem not a solution!! Now I have a record, but it's not being shared with the crafting community…


So I need to do some more research and more thinking, and I'll get back to you later this week (8/52) with another tale of my big switch to digital – and hopefully, some answer to my current, first, BIIIG problem!


For some time I have been trying to organise the room where I keep my arty crafty makey bits.


It is a studio/guest room combo space and I struggle to keep it tidy because I have more things in there than I have room to store. Because I am both magpie and squirrel – I hoard the pretty shiny things I pick up!


This year, in a desperate attempt to keep my precious making space tidy enough to create in, I have been looking at the way other people use the various sizes of space they have to hand; as I am always lured by the idea that I “need more space” to finally get the best of my collection.


But it wasn't until I saw this incredible space that I finally accepted the golden rule of makey spaces – I need to stop collecting new product, until I have used what I already have. Like the goldfish who grows to fill the tank, I have squashed more into my room than I have space for and thus I cannot see what I have to play with; I mislay the tools I want to use, and I am constantly searching and sorting for that thing I think I have – but cannot find among the piles and piles of delightful goodies…


I feel a creating session on the way… Must use MY STUFF!!





While Scientist Guy was putting Monkey Boy to bed this evening, I carefully ironed my very first appliqu├ęd quilt block. Crafty aaaaand domestic!


A short time later, while hanging today's offering of wet laundry (3 loads, gold star for housewife-ing : P ) I asked BBC's iPlayer if a show I like was still available – it wasn't – but the front page was recommending the Foo Fighter's set from Reading and Leeds 2012 (AKA Carling Festival).


The Foo's were my very best band in High School and my University years. How did I not know they were playing this year?! Wait… when is the last time I followed album releases and tour dates??!! Erk… when did I stop living for music news…



So tonight, I have that live set playing while I lament getting older and growing away from the things that used to make my heart beat a little faster, that used to consume my thoughts… As I sit in front of the (frankly awesome, thank you!) train track I built for Monkey Boy last night, after today filled with parenting and stitching. Ahh… how things change… I have new things that make my heart beat faster now. But I still love music very deeply, even if I'm not thinking about it quite so much!





Right now, I am…



:: inspired by the projects I see (in so many different places)


:: annoyed that I missed a papercrafts competition deadline


:: proud of Monkey Boy’s potty training progress this week (hurrah!!)


:: and striving to find serenity in the face of naughty behaviour…


:: amused that the littlest things can bring joy to a child (hand-drawn smiley face on a plaster for a scraped knee) : D


:: challenged by balancing chores and creative time and hobbies


:: delighted by a new friendship