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(self-portrait by Monkey Boy; using self-timer. This kid is getting too smart for me!)



I feel like it has been a while since I blogged, and I feel like I haven't been taking any pictures recently – but it turns out that both of those fears are unfounded : )


In fact, I've merely been too busy, too focused on doing what needs to be done. And I think too, in the wake of packing up my home studio to be Baby Girl's room, I'm missing the paint and ink and rubber stamping that was my go-to creative outlet, I'm not yet familiar with current creativity – ie. I'm unaware of what I have done…


Inspired by a post from Elise Blaha Cripe, I took some photos of my immediate early morning (on ) – that is to say, before breakfast was over and the chaos of another day began!






My view outside… peaceful : )




My view inside : P




It's nice to have a little record of what normal daily life is like. Ali Edwards posted her current Random Things… and I remembered it has been a while since I did Around Here. So without further ado…


Around here I've been looking after Man and Boy and cat and myself


busy cleaning and sorting and tidying up and throwing things out


enjoying the small and simple things : )


giggling as I make a (often neglected) spare room into a nursery


inhaling the smell of other people's coffee


forgetting to write things down but remembering we had great days : )






Does a magazine's cover ever encourage you to buy certain issues (that you were holding out against)?


Mollie Makes, a favourite publication of mine; launched a new title called The Simple Things – a charming collection of lifestyle articles. As their tag line says – “eating, growing, sharing, making, living, escaping”…


And I furiously resisted buying a copy because : I shouldn't be spending money on them right now, I like trees, I don't have the shelf space, the internet is constantly updating and opens discussion of content longevity. But issue 7 (March) just looked so appealing – soft blues, wooden utensils and EGGS! – that I gave in to temptation, resistance was futile and purchase was inevitable.


I'm so glad that I did…


I have previously read a free digital sample on 'a popular tablet device' and knew what to expect inside but (for me…) nothing beats the pleasure of holding paper in my hands and physically turning a page. The difference in reading experience was staggering. I've had this issue for two weeks and must have flipped through it every other day – at least! I'm still seeing new things in the pages (interpretation) and finding inspiration from its content. I've copied a quote from it into my Project Life album (that randomly tickled me and it keeps making me smile whenever I recall it) and I'm trying to decide what my simple thing might be…


curled up in an armchair reading a book

was my old standard (before the Boy)… But now, I'm torn between

Monkey Boy's smile and bugled “Hi, mama!” when he sees me after a period of absence – which is sometimes only three minutes because he's a funny cutie, that way!

Or the smell of my baking – because the pride and pleasure it brings me is a simple but important tiny (victory) in this Mama's busy life : )


What is your simple thing today? How long has it been since you took a moment to consider one…?






Scientist Guy and I don't really do Val's Day.


In the immortal words of John Hegley –

because I'm into saving trees

because my declarations are not determined by the calendar

because ultimately my heart is my own


But, since having Monkey Boy in my life, I rather enjoy the fun of visually celebrating some events. And thanks to the little miss in my belly, I am feeling rather pink and fluffy…


I love any excuse to make sweet treats in the kitchen : ) especially if that involves yummy chocolate… (much licking of lips!)


So tonight, we enjoyed, via Emma at aBeautifulMess, this (specially shaped for the occasion) dessert.




And there are no “making of” pics thanks to a needy little boy who kept interrupting the whole creating process!!


But it was a doddle to do, and very tasty. I made half the recipe amount (and used a silicone baking mould) and we had more than enough for all three of us.



I am listening to Man and Boy make bread in our kitchen

I am dreaming of drinking tea and coffee – but I’m placated with regular servings of hot chocolate : P

I am plotting an new approach to days at home with my Boy

I am smelling the juice from satsumas/clementines and craving all the orange-fruit I can get my hands on!

I am inspired by colour and shape – and noticing a trend in what draws my eye right now

I am delighting in the chatty boy who lives with us. While his incessant questions at times, grow annoying, he asks such wonderful things that push me to give good answers and prompt often fantastical, conversations : )

I am enjoying the aftermath of some serious house clean-up (although at times during the process I found it tough to let go of things…)

I am choosing to be amused (rather than miserable) that I have seen my doctor so many times in the past two months that the receptionists recognise me – and tell me I’m looking better….!

I am anticipating our second antenatal scan and finding out what’s in my belly – boy or girl…



While Scientist Guy was putting Monkey Boy to bed this evening, I carefully ironed my very first appliqu├ęd quilt block. Crafty aaaaand domestic!


A short time later, while hanging today's offering of wet laundry (3 loads, gold star for housewife-ing : P ) I asked BBC's iPlayer if a show I like was still available – it wasn't – but the front page was recommending the Foo Fighter's set from Reading and Leeds 2012 (AKA Carling Festival).


The Foo's were my very best band in High School and my University years. How did I not know they were playing this year?! Wait… when is the last time I followed album releases and tour dates??!! Erk… when did I stop living for music news…



So tonight, I have that live set playing while I lament getting older and growing away from the things that used to make my heart beat a little faster, that used to consume my thoughts… As I sit in front of the (frankly awesome, thank you!) train track I built for Monkey Boy last night, after today filled with parenting and stitching. Ahh… how things change… I have new things that make my heart beat faster now. But I still love music very deeply, even if I'm not thinking about it quite so much!





inspired by Soule Mama

a single photo – no words – capturing a moment from my week…

(a Monkey Boy edition)

inspired by Soule Mama

a single photo – no words – capturing a moment from my week…

(this week is a special edition, featuring Scientist Guy; as captured by Monkey Boy…)