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While the title of this post sounds like a pre-school article (which is deliberate!) I actually want to tell you (brag…!) about a very cool new art toy I treated myself to.


I've wanted some gelatos since the first time I saw them – pastels that are creamy and water soluble? Sign me up!!


But I had plenty of paint and even watercolours, so I was a good girl and turned away – sad, but vaguely virtuous.


And then in April, Shari Carroll made a page for her Art Journal series with Simon Says Stamp and I wanted them soooo bad… But I was packing up my home studio to make a room for Baby Girl so again, I turned away – desperately dreaming of them and eventually, unable to stop thinking about them!!


And then… I couldn't stop thinking about art journal pages, and the fact that – with all my studio packed away – it would be nice to have a small versatile product to hand, to make and create when the urge just gets too much (like when I'm ground down from seemingly endless days with a newborn…) – and wouldn't gelatos fit that bill very nicely… being small, versatile, and painty…?!


So I looked at prices and colour collections (and the utterly fabulous complete gift set…!) and decided to get the special edition 50's diner palette – because I can see my magpie eye falling on that gift set in the future and I didn't want to double up colours.



(image courtesy of google and


They arrived today, and I had a pleasant little play in my art journal – once again, cursing the fallibility of the moleskine I use, because although it is the sketch book version – it can't take water on a page to save its life…

(see and ignore the damage inside the yellow circle…!)


So I gessoed the bottom half of my test page and made some nicer discoveries – that gesso as a background lets one blend that creamy colour with the heat of a finger tip, rather than needing any water (although I could imagine that some cool things could be achieved with the precision of a water brush…) so I am a happy, happy artist – and look forward to many hours and pages with my newest toy – while I resist the lure of buying all the colours!!








Hello, friends… it's been a long time…


I promise, I was honestly trying to go digital… I was honestly trying to do Project Life from a (computer) screen…


It didn't work out – for me.


It transpires, that my memory keeping is focused on the physical bits and bobs that life collects – the ticket stubs and flyers, the food wrappers and postal mail that accumulates. And when it's written down in black text, it does seem a little odd to be keeping what Scientist Guy would refer to as “rubbish”, but… for me, keeping a memory record of my life, centres around these little bits, these proof of daily events.


Some of them, I keep for design ideas; for colour schemes; for comedy thoughts… Some of them, directly represent the event or memory I wish to record.


All of this means that to make my memory record digital, even though I know I could take a photo of the ephemera; I felt it lost the spirit, the meat, the essence of my memories.


A very nice lady in America designed and produces an amazing pocket system for memory keeping. Called Project Life, the core products are a 12 x 12″ binder and a packet of pocket pages. Then one can go to town, customising their own collection of pockets and extras.


I've been using this system this for 3 years now, and 2013 is the first year I feel like I've not got behind – because I made a real effort from the very first week, and thus a good habit was born, a habit that feels natural, a habit that is easy to maintain…


So, while I can see that someone else may get along with something like Evernote for the iPad as their memory keeping system, it didn't work for me.


However, due to impending Baby Girl, I have packed up my beloved (and often abused) home studio. I now have a shoebox from which to maintain my Project Life – but as that (for me) involves printing out photographs and tucking detritus into pockets, I can't see that I'm going to have a problem for the rest of this year!!


Good luck with your own digital adventures : )



(I have “Physical” by Olivia Newton John stuck in my head…!)



Scientist Guy asked me if I could turn my crafting digital this year, so that we could pack up my studio – for the new baby to have somewhere to sleep and somewhere to keep all her things AKA a nursery.


My first thought was “Waaaah!! I don't wanna…!” and my second thought was “Can I keep some stuff out because I'm not sure I can do this…”


But I had a week of thinking about it and announced on Saturday morning that I would do it. Not try, but actually commit, despite embarking on Project Life for a third year. I learnt a lot from two unfinished years of 365 scrapbooking and had big plans to do a proper job in 2013 – so making the switch is a big deal; and not just because I am new to digital crafting… For me, memory keeping is about the bits and pieces of memorabilia, as well as the pictures and stories that go into a week's record.


I've been using the Project Life system of pockets that Becky Higgins designed. Even though my first two years could be termed 'unsuccessful' because the binders are mostly empty, the photos are still on my computer and the memorabilia is in a bag waiting to go in to aforementioned pockets; but I made the effort to take the photos and write down the stories and collect the bits and pieces. And I learnt how I need to do Project Life in the future, to get those pages finished and everything in a secure place.


So deciding to go digital will be a crazy roller coaster of frustration and education, but I will have a record at the end of the year.


And… I will be telling the stories of my learning and progress as I go.


I discovered my first hurdle tonight… while mocking up a post for this week (7/52) as a first foray into it all. I had assumed that I could dump my photos and stories into my blog, so that I could share my project. I started with a story from today and made a huge realisation… I tell personal stories in my week pages, stories I don't want the world to read. Sure, I want to share a photo of my week spread but no-one can read the stories (unless I enable the zoom feature) and I can blur anything that I want to keep extra private.


So then I thought, “Well I can make the post private, creating a record for myself” but then no-one else can see it… This is still a problem not a solution!! Now I have a record, but it's not being shared with the crafting community…


So I need to do some more research and more thinking, and I'll get back to you later this week (8/52) with another tale of my big switch to digital – and hopefully, some answer to my current, first, BIIIG problem!



I first saw these patterns a while ago at Backstitch and thought “oooh… I reeeeaaallllly wanna make some of them!!!” but last night, full of not-joy from my medication, I once again stumbled upon them ((and the lovely blog by Megan – the pattern designer… : ) )) and decided “if this works out, I'm totally going to buy some of these!!


And make maternity clothes; is the implication. But as I have two shelves full of fabric and nothing to show for it; I think I should readjust my time 'vs' production ratio and start doing what I keep designing and planning…


For some time I have been trying to organise the room where I keep my arty crafty makey bits.


It is a studio/guest room combo space and I struggle to keep it tidy because I have more things in there than I have room to store. Because I am both magpie and squirrel – I hoard the pretty shiny things I pick up!


This year, in a desperate attempt to keep my precious making space tidy enough to create in, I have been looking at the way other people use the various sizes of space they have to hand; as I am always lured by the idea that I “need more space” to finally get the best of my collection.


But it wasn't until I saw this incredible space that I finally accepted the golden rule of makey spaces – I need to stop collecting new product, until I have used what I already have. Like the goldfish who grows to fill the tank, I have squashed more into my room than I have space for and thus I cannot see what I have to play with; I mislay the tools I want to use, and I am constantly searching and sorting for that thing I think I have – but cannot find among the piles and piles of delightful goodies…


I feel a creating session on the way… Must use MY STUFF!!



(please excuse the horrible photography… it was night, and I was in a hurry…)




I make things. I spend a lot of time looking at pretty things on the interwebs. So I’m quite aware of current trends in papercrafting.


When Scientist Guy asked me (tonight) if I could make a card (for tomorrow), I knew instantly what I wanted to do. So off I set to my lovely room of wonder, to find my heat gun – that had mysteriously toddled off (cough cough… shoved in a silly place… cough cough) – without which I couldn’t make my intended design.


Huzzah! One heat gun.


So I made a quick ombr̩ panel using watercolour pencils, roughly scribbled on a piece of thin card and blended at the intersections. I dried the water off with a heat gun, and drew cut lines just inside the actual edge of the panel Рto neaten things up.




I did not measure this, but if you wanted to, remember that trimming the messy edges will reduce the size of the finished panel – so take this into account. One way to combat this is to lightly draw an outline of your finished size on a larger piece before you start and take your colour beyond this perimeter, so that when you neaten up you won’t loose any of the panel.


Next I stamped Hero Arts scribble background in a nice wet ink, and heat embossed with white powder. My panel was just bigger than the actual stamp size so I stamped it top and bottom, embossing one side then the other.




Then I fixed it to a white card blank. I didn’t like it flat or with all straight edges. Thankfully, I’d used removable roll-on glue so it peeled up like a dream! The Corner Chomper took care of rounding things for me, and I put the panel back down with foam tape. Much better : )


Some letter stickers from a Studio Calico set made a nice looking sentiment (I tried out Congrats, first; and it just didn’t look right – something to do with the shape of the word, I think…) and some doodling in fine line pen finished it off.



I’m going to enter it in some blog challenges : )


And bask in the fact that it only took about an hour to make!!


Thanks to twitter, I just found out about a cool community project. And despite not being in any way an experience quilter, I said yes.

So there may be a giant and awesome, international project in my future. Can’t wait!! *squee!*

In domestic news (ie. home continent, not worldwide interwebs…) I have been keeping busy with

growing things

eating things

making things


stitching things


and watching things fly


Life is goooood : D