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While the title of this post sounds like a pre-school article (which is deliberate!) I actually want to tell you (brag…!) about a very cool new art toy I treated myself to.


I've wanted some gelatos since the first time I saw them – pastels that are creamy and water soluble? Sign me up!!


But I had plenty of paint and even watercolours, so I was a good girl and turned away – sad, but vaguely virtuous.


And then in April, Shari Carroll made a page for her Art Journal series with Simon Says Stamp and I wanted them soooo bad… But I was packing up my home studio to make a room for Baby Girl so again, I turned away – desperately dreaming of them and eventually, unable to stop thinking about them!!


And then… I couldn't stop thinking about art journal pages, and the fact that – with all my studio packed away – it would be nice to have a small versatile product to hand, to make and create when the urge just gets too much (like when I'm ground down from seemingly endless days with a newborn…) – and wouldn't gelatos fit that bill very nicely… being small, versatile, and painty…?!


So I looked at prices and colour collections (and the utterly fabulous complete gift set…!) and decided to get the special edition 50's diner palette – because I can see my magpie eye falling on that gift set in the future and I didn't want to double up colours.



(image courtesy of google and


They arrived today, and I had a pleasant little play in my art journal – once again, cursing the fallibility of the moleskine I use, because although it is the sketch book version – it can't take water on a page to save its life…

(see and ignore the damage inside the yellow circle…!)


So I gessoed the bottom half of my test page and made some nicer discoveries – that gesso as a background lets one blend that creamy colour with the heat of a finger tip, rather than needing any water (although I could imagine that some cool things could be achieved with the precision of a water brush…) so I am a happy, happy artist – and look forward to many hours and pages with my newest toy – while I resist the lure of buying all the colours!!





I first saw these patterns a while ago at Backstitch and thought “oooh… I reeeeaaallllly wanna make some of them!!!” but last night, full of not-joy from my medication, I once again stumbled upon them ((and the lovely blog by Megan – the pattern designer… : ) )) and decided “if this works out, I'm totally going to buy some of these!!


And make maternity clothes; is the implication. But as I have two shelves full of fabric and nothing to show for it; I think I should readjust my time 'vs' production ratio and start doing what I keep designing and planning…


For some time I have been trying to organise the room where I keep my arty crafty makey bits.


It is a studio/guest room combo space and I struggle to keep it tidy because I have more things in there than I have room to store. Because I am both magpie and squirrel – I hoard the pretty shiny things I pick up!


This year, in a desperate attempt to keep my precious making space tidy enough to create in, I have been looking at the way other people use the various sizes of space they have to hand; as I am always lured by the idea that I “need more space” to finally get the best of my collection.


But it wasn't until I saw this incredible space that I finally accepted the golden rule of makey spaces – I need to stop collecting new product, until I have used what I already have. Like the goldfish who grows to fill the tank, I have squashed more into my room than I have space for and thus I cannot see what I have to play with; I mislay the tools I want to use, and I am constantly searching and sorting for that thing I think I have – but cannot find among the piles and piles of delightful goodies…


I feel a creating session on the way… Must use MY STUFF!!



Thanks to twitter, I just found out about a cool community project. And despite not being in any way an experience quilter, I said yes.

So there may be a giant and awesome, international project in my future. Can’t wait!! *squee!*

In domestic news (ie. home continent, not worldwide interwebs…) I have been keeping busy with

growing things

eating things

making things


stitching things


and watching things fly


Life is goooood : D


Hello, poor neglected blog. It’s been a long time.

Several reasons for this; the most significant being screen/frames incompatibility with my “device”. Which is really off putting to a novice blogger.

Don’t think I have been a digital hermit… oh no! For I have been wasting many hours enthralled and inspired by the projects and pictures and words that I have seen.

And thus, today’s post – in which I try a new posting application and experiment with embedding links.

And photos!!

I have been reading…

Pip Lincolne on Meet Me At Mikes

Who showed me heart shaped friendship bracelets

and cute free printable mini envelopes

Among other things… that delighted my crafter’s instinct soooo much, I felt a giant need to share them. Reminding me that I have a blog, and should not leave it sitting in the cold, possibly wet, unfurnished porch, definitely feeling abandoned.

Spring is trying to oust winter around my way, which makes me a happy gal.

I saw my first ladybug (an annual tradition – although this year was the first time I photographed the lucky mite!)

And I did make one thing during this fallow month – a giant “roar roar” for Monkey Boy to colour in.

Yes… I do wish I could have spent some hours lying on my belly, painting a massive beast of my own!