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Now, I'm sure no one else will see this as a great achievement – and I'm not really asking you to… But personally, I'm so proud of myself : )


Today, I made a simple salad dressing – using honey, oil and fresh lemon juice.


This is a thing to celebrate, because it is the first time I have made nice salad dressing, from ingredients in my kitchen. I even shared it with a friend, over for lunch, and she wasn't just being courteous when she agreed that it was tasty!


I have less than four days til my predicted due date… That means (theoretically…) in a week's time, I could be wrangling a household of four and a half (TimCat doesn't count as a whole, but he's work enough to be counted : P ) – so I'm taking the time to acknowledge simple little things before the chaos of newborn plus Boy hits my worldview : )



My recipe (adapted from Jamie Oliver…)

a simple Honey and Lemon dressing


1 tablespoon honey

3 tablespoon lemon juice

4 tablespoon olive oil

salt and pepper to taste.


That's seriously it… Nothing more : ) And it was sooooooo good!!




Scientist Guy and I don't really do Val's Day.


In the immortal words of John Hegley –

because I'm into saving trees

because my declarations are not determined by the calendar

because ultimately my heart is my own


But, since having Monkey Boy in my life, I rather enjoy the fun of visually celebrating some events. And thanks to the little miss in my belly, I am feeling rather pink and fluffy…


I love any excuse to make sweet treats in the kitchen : ) especially if that involves yummy chocolate… (much licking of lips!)


So tonight, we enjoyed, via Emma at aBeautifulMess, this (specially shaped for the occasion) dessert.




And there are no “making of” pics thanks to a needy little boy who kept interrupting the whole creating process!!


But it was a doddle to do, and very tasty. I made half the recipe amount (and used a silicone baking mould) and we had more than enough for all three of us.





All I can think about at the moment is soup and apple pie.


Not together! That would be crazy!!


But as the seasons turn over from (non) Summer to Autumn, my belly is practically obsessed (!) with hot bowls of deliciousness, and slightly spicy apples under pastry lids…


Or delicately sliced tarte tartin…




This week, my nesting instinct is strong; thanks to IVF medication, so my brain is awhirl with cooking and baking dreams, fabric projects, the urge to clean and tidy… Which I cannot fulfil, because I have to take things easy, with gentle mobility and “NO HOUSEWORK” (official medical decree, doncha know!) so as to keep my vulnerable new passenger on board.


I only hope that these thoughts remain next week, when I'm allowed to go up a gear : P


Here's a little something I would loooooooove to make (and eat!)


source : – via google images