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That is all.


Thank you…




Hello, friends… it's been a long time…


I promise, I was honestly trying to go digital… I was honestly trying to do Project Life from a (computer) screen…


It didn't work out – for me.


It transpires, that my memory keeping is focused on the physical bits and bobs that life collects – the ticket stubs and flyers, the food wrappers and postal mail that accumulates. And when it's written down in black text, it does seem a little odd to be keeping what Scientist Guy would refer to as “rubbish”, but… for me, keeping a memory record of my life, centres around these little bits, these proof of daily events.


Some of them, I keep for design ideas; for colour schemes; for comedy thoughts… Some of them, directly represent the event or memory I wish to record.


All of this means that to make my memory record digital, even though I know I could take a photo of the ephemera; I felt it lost the spirit, the meat, the essence of my memories.


A very nice lady in America designed and produces an amazing pocket system for memory keeping. Called Project Life, the core products are a 12 x 12″ binder and a packet of pocket pages. Then one can go to town, customising their own collection of pockets and extras.


I've been using this system this for 3 years now, and 2013 is the first year I feel like I've not got behind – because I made a real effort from the very first week, and thus a good habit was born, a habit that feels natural, a habit that is easy to maintain…


So, while I can see that someone else may get along with something like Evernote for the iPad as their memory keeping system, it didn't work for me.


However, due to impending Baby Girl, I have packed up my beloved (and often abused) home studio. I now have a shoebox from which to maintain my Project Life – but as that (for me) involves printing out photographs and tucking detritus into pockets, I can't see that I'm going to have a problem for the rest of this year!!


Good luck with your own digital adventures : )





For a moment, I'm bored and browsing my Internet bookmarks when I find an article whose title and idea I find appealing – towards my never-ending quest to post my blog more often.


However, it quickly becomes apparent, that I don't read books at the moment.


Magazines, and blogs and too much spam on the web; sure, my quota is filled daily, let alone week by week…


So should I start reading better sources, or should I read less all together and try to DO MORE??

(bearing in mind the impending time-suck that is baby number 2!!)


I've been having a play with Paper by Bamboo as a potential digital home for my Project Life and I thought I'd found a cushy nest. But… while I can drop images into a page and write on it with my fancy (Christmas present!) stylus, I cannot add normal text to that page.


So, this week, I'm trying something else – Evernote for the iPad.


It's a whole heap better suited to my needs than Bamboo but it was still missing something.


Until I came across a new app (via Ali Edwards) that puts text on top of photos – from your phone!! No more struggling with layers?




I have had a blog for a year now, and I have made 44 posts. Could be better, but I'm pleased with what I've put out there. Except… I spend a lot of my time “on the Internet” pointlessly browsing AND HAVE NEVER MANAGED TO POST THE LINKS I READ…


I need to reassess the way I blog. I think I need to consider posting every week, and when I have nothing creative or personal to say I could share what I'm reading – those people or articles that have struck my fancy enough to bookmark them. Does it matter if no one reads/follows them because of me…?


Last year, Scientist Guy and I had a lovely and enlightening (and slightly scary) chat about what I wanted to do with my life and I said – I love to make things, wouldn't it be nice if I did something with/about that… And he said – get a blog and make a name for yourself…


Well, I got the blog and haven't treated it as well as it deserves; but I feel like I have a better idea of how to do that this year and unfortunately it comes back to my long-standing nemesis… time management.


So (if you want to think of it this way) I have a resolution for my blog 2013 – make lists and make the time, to post : whether it is an active article about me or a passive one about someone else.