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That is all.


Thank you…




For a moment, I'm bored and browsing my Internet bookmarks when I find an article whose title and idea I find appealing – towards my never-ending quest to post my blog more often.


However, it quickly becomes apparent, that I don't read books at the moment.


Magazines, and blogs and too much spam on the web; sure, my quota is filled daily, let alone week by week…


So should I start reading better sources, or should I read less all together and try to DO MORE??

(bearing in mind the impending time-suck that is baby number 2!!)




Does a magazine's cover ever encourage you to buy certain issues (that you were holding out against)?


Mollie Makes, a favourite publication of mine; launched a new title called The Simple Things – a charming collection of lifestyle articles. As their tag line says – “eating, growing, sharing, making, living, escaping”…


And I furiously resisted buying a copy because : I shouldn't be spending money on them right now, I like trees, I don't have the shelf space, the internet is constantly updating and opens discussion of content longevity. But issue 7 (March) just looked so appealing – soft blues, wooden utensils and EGGS! – that I gave in to temptation, resistance was futile and purchase was inevitable.


I'm so glad that I did…


I have previously read a free digital sample on 'a popular tablet device' and knew what to expect inside but (for me…) nothing beats the pleasure of holding paper in my hands and physically turning a page. The difference in reading experience was staggering. I've had this issue for two weeks and must have flipped through it every other day – at least! I'm still seeing new things in the pages (interpretation) and finding inspiration from its content. I've copied a quote from it into my Project Life album (that randomly tickled me and it keeps making me smile whenever I recall it) and I'm trying to decide what my simple thing might be…


curled up in an armchair reading a book

was my old standard (before the Boy)… But now, I'm torn between

Monkey Boy's smile and bugled “Hi, mama!” when he sees me after a period of absence – which is sometimes only three minutes because he's a funny cutie, that way!

Or the smell of my baking – because the pride and pleasure it brings me is a simple but important tiny (victory) in this Mama's busy life : )


What is your simple thing today? How long has it been since you took a moment to consider one…?




Monday 30th April 2012

As you may know, I like to make things.


And I like to read the internets (oh, you internets… and your time sucking ways…)


Well, I like to read I’m a Ginger Monkey – cos she makes stuff that is awesome. And she spoke of a sew-along launching on April 2nd for Rashida’s “Zakka Style” project book. Rashida is the designer behind “Washi” for Hawthorne Threads.


I thought it might be nice to join the party… And today my copy arrived. Yay!!


So look out for ‘things I have made with sewing’ in the future.


You know, when I get back from my incredible week away on a Writers’ Retreat : D


I finished reading a book today – the awesome “Warbreaker” by Brandon Sanderson.

Bought it Feb 3rd; read it in less than a month. A personal best since entering Motherhood.

And this book is amazing – I finished it today because I couldn’t put it down. (there was other stuff I was supposed to be doing but we don’t need to talk about that…)

Clever, funny (the witty kind, not cheap one-line humour), engaging.

I have read a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy (SF/F) and often get bored by the repeated memes – there are no new stories, I know; but could you try harder to write the old ones in new ways, please…

But this book… this seems fresh and new and oh yeah, did I mention that Sanderson has constructed a whole new magic system (to go with his wide and complex world…)

Yeah… that’s why it’s good.

The characters develop and make mistakes and keep you guessing on their motivations and agendas without being frustrating or obvious. There are enough to make a decent sized cast to keep things interesting (yay, not bored!) without having so many names and affiliations that things get confusing.

I haven’t read SF/F that made me sit up and keep reading like this in too long…