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Sitting here, on a Saturday evening, after a busy day of much cleaning and tidying up, havin' a quiet browse on th' internets…


I find this page




and it inspires a thought… After Monkey Boy's arrival, I found it rather difficult to think about me. Clean clothes that looked nice and a regular shower became “as you get them” experiences.


So I ponder the thought : after little girl's arrival, how about I take a photo of my outfit, at least once a week… To build a little pampering into the day and celebrate being me : )





I have had a blog for a year now, and I have made 44 posts. Could be better, but I'm pleased with what I've put out there. Except… I spend a lot of my time “on the Internet” pointlessly browsing AND HAVE NEVER MANAGED TO POST THE LINKS I READ…


I need to reassess the way I blog. I think I need to consider posting every week, and when I have nothing creative or personal to say I could share what I'm reading – those people or articles that have struck my fancy enough to bookmark them. Does it matter if no one reads/follows them because of me…?


Last year, Scientist Guy and I had a lovely and enlightening (and slightly scary) chat about what I wanted to do with my life and I said – I love to make things, wouldn't it be nice if I did something with/about that… And he said – get a blog and make a name for yourself…


Well, I got the blog and haven't treated it as well as it deserves; but I feel like I have a better idea of how to do that this year and unfortunately it comes back to my long-standing nemesis… time management.


So (if you want to think of it this way) I have a resolution for my blog 2013 – make lists and make the time, to post : whether it is an active article about me or a passive one about someone else.




All I can think about at the moment is soup and apple pie.


Not together! That would be crazy!!


But as the seasons turn over from (non) Summer to Autumn, my belly is practically obsessed (!) with hot bowls of deliciousness, and slightly spicy apples under pastry lids…


Or delicately sliced tarte tartin…




This week, my nesting instinct is strong; thanks to IVF medication, so my brain is awhirl with cooking and baking dreams, fabric projects, the urge to clean and tidy… Which I cannot fulfil, because I have to take things easy, with gentle mobility and “NO HOUSEWORK” (official medical decree, doncha know!) so as to keep my vulnerable new passenger on board.


I only hope that these thoughts remain next week, when I'm allowed to go up a gear : P


Here's a little something I would loooooooove to make (and eat!)


source : – via google images






In a “me 'vs' sourdough” challenge, it has beaten me three times since the beginning of September (when I first tried to wrangle a loaf from a new recipe…) but tonight, I feel lucky, punk…


I fed my starter on Monday. I made my dough this evening. But I have to let it rise until at. least. breakfast tomorrow.


Sigh… I wanna bake NOW!


I tried a loaf using my big bread bible but it failed because I tried to make the process fit my schedule by combining two methods. Do not try this at home, kids… when you try a new recipe… Follow. IT!! Word for word, no deviations. Sure, when you've made it work and are familiar with it (or at least have more of a feel for it than “uh… what happens now?” *headscratch) mix things up and play; but while you're learning the tricky newness of it – stick to the script!


Then I tried a different version from a new to me baker of breads as recommended by a friend (thank you, Mr. Glover!) and it was almost right – it needed less salt (shaky hand of doom!) and to be a larger batch to make a family sized loaf (and to be not over baked…) But it was almost there…



So my fingers are crossed that this one is The One. And I will keep myself entertained looking at beautiful photography while I compile a baking wishlist for the next few weeks!


cinnamon buns from Emmanuel's book… : D make me veerrrrry happy!


For some time I have been trying to organise the room where I keep my arty crafty makey bits.


It is a studio/guest room combo space and I struggle to keep it tidy because I have more things in there than I have room to store. Because I am both magpie and squirrel – I hoard the pretty shiny things I pick up!


This year, in a desperate attempt to keep my precious making space tidy enough to create in, I have been looking at the way other people use the various sizes of space they have to hand; as I am always lured by the idea that I “need more space” to finally get the best of my collection.


But it wasn't until I saw this incredible space that I finally accepted the golden rule of makey spaces – I need to stop collecting new product, until I have used what I already have. Like the goldfish who grows to fill the tank, I have squashed more into my room than I have space for and thus I cannot see what I have to play with; I mislay the tools I want to use, and I am constantly searching and sorting for that thing I think I have – but cannot find among the piles and piles of delightful goodies…


I feel a creating session on the way… Must use MY STUFF!!





While Scientist Guy was putting Monkey Boy to bed this evening, I carefully ironed my very first appliqu├ęd quilt block. Crafty aaaaand domestic!


A short time later, while hanging today's offering of wet laundry (3 loads, gold star for housewife-ing : P ) I asked BBC's iPlayer if a show I like was still available – it wasn't – but the front page was recommending the Foo Fighter's set from Reading and Leeds 2012 (AKA Carling Festival).


The Foo's were my very best band in High School and my University years. How did I not know they were playing this year?! Wait… when is the last time I followed album releases and tour dates??!! Erk… when did I stop living for music news…



So tonight, I have that live set playing while I lament getting older and growing away from the things that used to make my heart beat a little faster, that used to consume my thoughts… As I sit in front of the (frankly awesome, thank you!) train track I built for Monkey Boy last night, after today filled with parenting and stitching. Ahh… how things change… I have new things that make my heart beat faster now. But I still love music very deeply, even if I'm not thinking about it quite so much!






I was eating cake that Scientist Guy thoughtfully brought home for me and I was struck once more, how many people make a disappointing carrot cake – because they follow a traditional recipe without considering the taste of their combined ingredients.


Most recipes call for oil, to help lighten what could become a heavy batter. This makes your cake taste of oil.


Melted butter is a fine substitute, so why don’t more bakers use this alternative and loose that oil taste…?


Monkey Boy and I baked his signature cookies today. Always a pleasure to share the process with him, and the joy on his face as he eats the results.


and Mummy is delighted that picky toddler is eating raisins… : P