I am listening to Man and Boy make bread in our kitchen

I am dreaming of drinking tea and coffee – but I’m placated with regular servings of hot chocolate : P

I am plotting an new approach to days at home with my Boy

I am smelling the juice from satsumas/clementines and craving all the orange-fruit I can get my hands on!

I am inspired by colour and shape – and noticing a trend in what draws my eye right now

I am delighting in the chatty boy who lives with us. While his incessant questions at times, grow annoying, he asks such wonderful things that push me to give good answers and prompt often fantastical, conversations : )

I am enjoying the aftermath of some serious house clean-up (although at times during the process I found it tough to let go of things…)

I am choosing to be amused (rather than miserable) that I have seen my doctor so many times in the past two months that the receptionists recognise me – and tell me I’m looking better….!

I am anticipating our second antenatal scan and finding out what’s in my belly – boy or girl…