All I can think about at the moment is soup and apple pie.


Not together! That would be crazy!!


But as the seasons turn over from (non) Summer to Autumn, my belly is practically obsessed (!) with hot bowls of deliciousness, and slightly spicy apples under pastry lids…


Or delicately sliced tarte tartin…




This week, my nesting instinct is strong; thanks to IVF medication, so my brain is awhirl with cooking and baking dreams, fabric projects, the urge to clean and tidy… Which I cannot fulfil, because I have to take things easy, with gentle mobility and “NO HOUSEWORK” (official medical decree, doncha know!) so as to keep my vulnerable new passenger on board.


I only hope that these thoughts remain next week, when I'm allowed to go up a gear : P


Here's a little something I would loooooooove to make (and eat!)


source : – via google images