In a “me 'vs' sourdough” challenge, it has beaten me three times since the beginning of September (when I first tried to wrangle a loaf from a new recipe…) but tonight, I feel lucky, punk…


I fed my starter on Monday. I made my dough this evening. But I have to let it rise until at. least. breakfast tomorrow.


Sigh… I wanna bake NOW!


I tried a loaf using my big bread bible but it failed because I tried to make the process fit my schedule by combining two methods. Do not try this at home, kids… when you try a new recipe… Follow. IT!! Word for word, no deviations. Sure, when you've made it work and are familiar with it (or at least have more of a feel for it than “uh… what happens now?” *headscratch) mix things up and play; but while you're learning the tricky newness of it – stick to the script!


Then I tried a different version from a new to me baker of breads as recommended by a friend (thank you, Mr. Glover!) and it was almost right – it needed less salt (shaky hand of doom!) and to be a larger batch to make a family sized loaf (and to be not over baked…) But it was almost there…



So my fingers are crossed that this one is The One. And I will keep myself entertained looking at beautiful photography while I compile a baking wishlist for the next few weeks!


cinnamon buns from Emmanuel's book… : D make me veerrrrry happy!