For some time I have been trying to organise the room where I keep my arty crafty makey bits.


It is a studio/guest room combo space and I struggle to keep it tidy because I have more things in there than I have room to store. Because I am both magpie and squirrel – I hoard the pretty shiny things I pick up!


This year, in a desperate attempt to keep my precious making space tidy enough to create in, I have been looking at the way other people use the various sizes of space they have to hand; as I am always lured by the idea that I “need more space” to finally get the best of my collection.


But it wasn't until I saw this incredible space that I finally accepted the golden rule of makey spaces – I need to stop collecting new product, until I have used what I already have. Like the goldfish who grows to fill the tank, I have squashed more into my room than I have space for and thus I cannot see what I have to play with; I mislay the tools I want to use, and I am constantly searching and sorting for that thing I think I have – but cannot find among the piles and piles of delightful goodies…


I feel a creating session on the way… Must use MY STUFF!!