While Scientist Guy was putting Monkey Boy to bed this evening, I carefully ironed my very first appliquéd quilt block. Crafty aaaaand domestic!


A short time later, while hanging today's offering of wet laundry (3 loads, gold star for housewife-ing : P ) I asked BBC's iPlayer if a show I like was still available – it wasn't – but the front page was recommending the Foo Fighter's set from Reading and Leeds 2012 (AKA Carling Festival).


The Foo's were my very best band in High School and my University years. How did I not know they were playing this year?! Wait… when is the last time I followed album releases and tour dates??!! Erk… when did I stop living for music news…



So tonight, I have that live set playing while I lament getting older and growing away from the things that used to make my heart beat a little faster, that used to consume my thoughts… As I sit in front of the (frankly awesome, thank you!) train track I built for Monkey Boy last night, after today filled with parenting and stitching. Ahh… how things change… I have new things that make my heart beat faster now. But I still love music very deeply, even if I'm not thinking about it quite so much!