I made truffula trees!!


I used eggs and flour, but left out the thneed : P




This was my first time making cake pops. And it was so much fun!!


Monkey Boy helped me crumble the cake into pieces (he liked that), before I added gloop to bind it together. Quick spell in the fridge, then the shaped portions of cake were pushed on to skewers and dipped in a part chocolate coating.


I would change some things…

I would use paper lolly sticks, not skewers (mistaaaaaake!)

I would colour those sticks before assembling!

I would thin the chocolate with cream

I would not forget to buy florists oasis – so I could set up a proper photo shoot!


But I would absolutely make these again. And again. And again!!


Think of the possibilities…. Your imagination is the only limiter : ) (and time…)

Happy Birthday, Scientist Guy!! Hope it’s a good day, xx