Actually, it’s a laundry bag, but I wanted to use a cult phrase. Two, cult phrases; in fact!

So, the story is; for over a year I have planned to make Monkey Boy a laundry bag for the back of his door. I chose and purchased the fabric; designed it; cut it out; and then ignored it.

Like so many creative projects I design or yearn to make, procrastination was my achilles heel.

Laziness… It does not rock.

Any-way… Today, thanks to Scientist Guy, I got a kick in the bottom to go and *do* this thing. One minor redesign later, and the pieces are cut; the strap is hand sewn on (for extra durability (what do I think is going to happen to this part, that it needs reinforcing?! Who knows, or dares to imagine!!)); and I’m looking at an almost finished item.


And then I realise, that two loose pieces of fabric (the backing and the lining) are not really going to hang very nicely, or even be very helpful in the long run. So I decide that a little hand quilting will not only keep them together, but also (tiny yay!) make a nice embellishment detail to the otherwise plain coloured backing.

So this is me, reaching for my floss, and looking forward to some quiet stitching; dreaming of the day when I can finally call it a laundry bag!