I got a Random Act of Kindness from a Twitter person I’m fairly sure you could accuse me of stalking (and yet, isn’t that a function of Twitter – that you can follow a person you have never met before and have (sometimes!) meaningful interactions with them…) and intended to make something for her in return – despite her insistence not to.

However, these plans have been scuppered, not only by owning and raising a toddler; but by having aforementioned toddler contract mystery sick bug variant 16. And thus, I have spent the whole of this glorious Easter bank holiday weekend witnessing and cleaning up after a vomiting little person, who has needed me glued to his side near constantly, for comfort. Big thanks go out to Scientist Guy for shift work, back-up and nutritional support.

So I will be revisiting my work table when the dust and belly have settled, in the hopes of producing a Random Act of my own.

The real fun will be extracting the postal address of my recipient, as she seems stubbornly against the idea of a trade!

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate; and Merry Bank Holiday to you all…