Hello, poor neglected blog. It’s been a long time.

Several reasons for this; the most significant being screen/frames incompatibility with my “device”. Which is really off putting to a novice blogger.

Don’t think I have been a digital hermit… oh no! For I have been wasting many hours enthralled and inspired by the projects and pictures and words that I have seen.

And thus, today’s post – in which I try a new posting application and experiment with embedding links.

And photos!!

I have been reading…

Pip Lincolne on Meet Me At Mikes

Who showed me heart shaped friendship bracelets

and cute free printable mini envelopes

Among other things… that delighted my crafter’s instinct soooo much, I felt a giant need to share them. Reminding me that I have a blog, and should not leave it sitting in the cold, possibly wet, unfurnished porch, definitely feeling abandoned.

Spring is trying to oust winter around my way, which makes me a happy gal.

I saw my first ladybug (an annual tradition – although this year was the first time I photographed the lucky mite!)

And I did make one thing during this fallow month – a giant “roar roar” for Monkey Boy to colour in.

Yes… I do wish I could have spent some hours lying on my belly, painting a massive beast of my own!