I finished reading a book today – the awesome “Warbreaker” by Brandon Sanderson.

Bought it Feb 3rd; read it in less than a month. A personal best since entering Motherhood.

And this book is amazing – I finished it today because I couldn’t put it down. (there was other stuff I was supposed to be doing but we don’t need to talk about that…)

Clever, funny (the witty kind, not cheap one-line humour), engaging.

I have read a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy (SF/F) and often get bored by the repeated memes – there are no new stories, I know; but could you try harder to write the old ones in new ways, please…

But this book… this seems fresh and new and oh yeah, did I mention that Sanderson has constructed a whole new magic system (to go with his wide and complex world…)

Yeah… that’s why it’s good.

The characters develop and make mistakes and keep you guessing on their motivations and agendas without being frustrating or obvious. There are enough to make a decent sized cast to keep things interesting (yay, not bored!) without having so many names and affiliations that things get confusing.

I haven’t read SF/F that made me sit up and keep reading like this in too long…