Monday 23rd January 2012


My son – who shall henceforth be referred to as Monkey Boy – stole a cardboard inner tube from the recycling pile and slid it on his wrist.


I laughed.  He laughed.  One of us mentioned robots, and he obliged with jerky walking and arm swinging in the universally recognised way of robot dancing.


I offered to find a second tube for his other wrist.


And when I passed it to him, I saw in my mind’s eye, a body costume.


Well, a sandwich-board kind of affair, but still – slightly more costume than two cardboard inner tubes!


And so, with a mountboard off-cut, one flap from a giant cardboard box that arrived about an hour previously, two lengths of string and a permanent marker – I whipped up a very basic but toddler suitable robot body.


Then he asked very nicely, if he could colour it in.  Which saved me the job!!


10 crafty minutes; one happy toddler.  Yay!!