On January 1st I chose an address for the blog I’ve been thinking about launching for 4 years.

On January 7th I wrote a draft of my first post.

On January 10th I still hadn’t finished the project I intended to launch my blog with.

(it didn’t occur to me that I could do one without the other – honesty can be a disadvantage…)

On January 16th I wondered if I should choose a different project to launch my blog with before I missed the January/New Year/new things opportunity.

But today, January 19th, that’s all changed – because Apple Computing launched a book publishing tool.

For free.

So now I am (hastily but) happily launching my blog – because I’ve had, in a not-forgotten but long-untouched boxfile, half a novel waiting to be finished – and the lure of free publishing is an amazing motivator.

So I’m going to write here, in my little corner of the web; of things I make, and things I write; and hopefully one day (soon!) you’ll be reading about the science fiction story I published.